Vampires VS Werewolves

A supernatural based RPG where you can be either a vampire of werewolf. You can also be a vampire or werewolf leader & have special abilities such as mind reading.
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 Meline Character App

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Name: Meline (may-leen) Fukiku (foo-key-koo)

Age: vampire years: 1,312 (Ancient Elder *2nd Command under the rule of Walter*); human years: 23 (Has a covenant member that every few years reverses her years thus making her look younger)

Bio: Born over a thousand years ago many of her past and memories were forgotten. The only thing she remembers is the Lycans posing a threat to the covenant of K. K ordered a full on attack but while he was defending his mansion, Walter left the frontlines to a secret underground tomb in which she followed him. Discovering her, he instantly kills her and whispers "I'll be back for you." A generation later she was resurrected. By who? She doesn't know. She was just awoken one day out of the blue. Since no one knew exactly where she rested within the hidden mansion, she assumes it was Walter, who was still alive somewhere, who had woken her up. Ever since that day shes kept hope in her heart that one day she would be reunited with Walter, her savior and protector.

Likes: Getting Drunk, Watching Kiddies beat on one another, Kiddies with big ambitions, kiddies who reach their goals, cute kiddies who get drunk with me *Sadly never happened Sad , and somethings day dreaming that one day Walter would return back to her*

Dislikes: Serious people. Unexpected appearances, Conflict, Weaklings, boredom, being told how much she's drunken, Dramatic people, being told things she's already aware of, working, talking about work, orders, boring reports, killing both vamps and lycans.

Looks: A 5,7 well built woman. Her long snow white hair flies loosely behind her always giving people the wrong impression that she is an old lady *which she is*. Her eyes occasionally changes to a different color without any effort trying to. Usually she wears laid back attire fit for always going to the club. Her proof of being a vampire located on the right side of her neck, never changing from the day she got it. Left the exact same as Walter had put it on her.

Special Abilities: Disrupts and Complete control over ones 5 senses and control Illusions that a person sees. Recently, using the same method of illusion on a persons brain, she also figured how to control a persons dream. She can also, instead of controlling the brain, read it and can have complete control over ones thoughts. All of these abilities may prove worthy but while using these abilities on an opponent it leaves her body completely vulnerable to any other attacks (Abilities useful on a handful of opponents that she can see but her body is left completely vulnerable to any hidden foes) Her inhuman strength and speed are superior over those of even the most skillful of vampires due to being an elder.

Vampire Rank: Leader
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Meline Character App
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