Vampires VS Werewolves

A supernatural based RPG where you can be either a vampire of werewolf. You can also be a vampire or werewolf leader & have special abilities such as mind reading.
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 Merrik's Character App

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PostSubject: Merrik's Character App   Merrik's Character App EmptySun Jun 22, 2014 6:09 pm

Name: Merrik (Surname will be provided once the role of my father is assumed by another player)

Age: vampire years:193; human years:19

Bio: One day he was just here, awoken in a ditch in the middle of the forest. He wasn't able to remember anything, his mind was just blank. Knowing he couldn't stay there ,especially at that hour, He was forced to take a trip through the forest hoping to come across urbanized land. After what seemed like hours of thick fog and an unpleasant feeling of danger, Merrick found an old cabin which triggered some memories that appeared to pop into his head all at once. He felt as if he had a job to fulfill being there. He started to head for the door but his heart was screaming for him to instead go through the near cellar. Doing so brought him into a dark room, with a single candle that broadened only the left side of the room. He continued down the five stairs provided and walked over to an awkwardly seeming statue on the wall. As he approached his eyes didn't have to explain that that statue was not actually a statue but a woman. His memories took over, this time explaining the forgotten story slowly. That woman, who hung lifelessly before him whose skin was mostly eroded away was his mother and her cause of death was ……………… the rest was too blurry to make out. Having tried to squint his eyes and remember harder had been futile, now all he could was stare at his own dead flesh and blood analyzing anything that could give him symbolism for who did this and why. The walls were freshly tainted with her blood, meaning this all happened recently. He then Examined her face trying to remember exactly what his beloved mother actually looked like but in doing so he realizes instead of her skeleton facing the pot below her, which i'm guessing contained the cremation flames, Instead her head was facing the darkest corner of the right side of the room (towards the entrance of the cellar) In curiosity he made his way there and without a thought or hesitation stuck his hand in the corner. After patting the ground about three times he discovered something. A locket, nothing out of the ordinary, He opened it to be soothed with the sound of a soft ballerina melody and closed his eyes as childhood memories flooded his head, memories that even at his matured age seem to last forever. Once opening his eyes he realizes that on both sides of the locket contained pictures, yet, no one was in either the left picture or the right just the backgrounds of the same sunsetting beach. At the time he didn't think much of it and since he was tired and exhausted plus there was no other reason to stay, Merrik left the cellar. As soon as he made his way up those same five steps in which he came he heard a faint sound of a wolf howling. It was instincts that told him to get out of their as fast as he could and he ran, ran faster than he ever knew he could, along the way he avoided being hit by a semi truck coming full speed towards him as he just entered the street but his speed outmatched it and continued to run until he ended up in civilization. With heavy breathing his mind filled up with even more questions but this wasn't the time. Shortly after some midnight patrolling he was discovered and joined (Will fill this with a name later)’s Covenant where they cleaned him up and helped him back on his feet for exchange of complete loyalty. That same night he agreed to stay and serve his new lord he then also made a vow to discover the truth of his mothers death.

Likes:Purpose of existence, Late night patrolling,A young female here and there, Learning something new (Coping other vampires fighting tactics), Starting and finishing conflict, The truth.

Dislikes:Being lectured, superior authority, Being Looked down upon, being told what he cannot do or accomplish.

A 5’11 pale emo teen whose soul purpose is to find his mother's killer (BATMAN! minus the 5’11 emo teen part xD) long black bangs covers up his left eye. After being instructed to fit in with humans by his covenant leader, Instead of wearing all black all the time, He occasionally mixes up his style which usually includes A light colored sweater, a simple t-shirt, and dark jeans. Since it can't be helped in the day time, His covenant leader allows him to wear his hood at all times. He also carries around a guitar case being placed in musical after school activities to make him to appear even more like a typical teenager. The reason why a lot of effort is insured that Merrik looks like an ordinary person is because he tends to slip up a lot of bad vampire habits a lot such as stare at people, use agility during everyday school life, and hissing at people (Very rare and only happened once)
Hes a piece of work, no matter how many times you remind him it just won't click into his mind.

Special Abilities:
-hyper developed anticipation allowing him to see actions before they happen and react
-Hyper developed speed and agility (Theres such thing as a really fast vampire and then there is Merrik fast)
-Blood Manipulation (Still in development) A skill that allows him to control the flow of ones blood. This ability cannot kill someone yet but it can control the movements of any weaker organism (Works all the time on humans but some vampires and lycans are able to resist this ability)

Vampire Rank: Young (Could careless about leading a pack of blood sucking nuisances, the only reason he is apart of a covenant is because one he feels as if he owes a debt to his leader and two with the amount of trouble he causes, he needs a covenant covering for his ass if he really gets himself into a big mess. Whether lycans or other vampires.
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Merrik's Character App
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