Vampires VS Werewolves

A supernatural based RPG where you can be either a vampire of werewolf. You can also be a vampire or werewolf leader & have special abilities such as mind reading.
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 Jacob (Jake) Black Vampire Leader

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Jake Black
Jake Black

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PostSubject: Jacob (Jake) Black Vampire Leader   Jacob (Jake) Black Vampire Leader EmptyMon Apr 06, 2009 4:14 pm

Name: Jacob (Jake) Black

Age: 154 is vampire years, 17 in human years

Bio: It was a dark & rainy night, thunder crashed like smashing boulders & lightning flashed through the sky. A woman of a far away land gave birth to a baby boy whom she & her husband named Jacob. But the woman & her husband didn't want this baby. They wanted to live alone in peace without having to be responsible for another being. But they kept him unwillingly, for they didn't want to be disgraced by their friends. Soon Jacob grew into a young boy of four. He loved to run, & fight, & unfortunately kill humans. One day he was walking down a dark street when he saw a figure dressed in black. The man saw him & asked his name. "Jacob." The boy told him calmly. He was not afraid of this man for he was sure he wouldn't harm him. The man smiled. "I like your bravery." He told Jacob. "Train with me & I will make you stronger than anyone you know." The boy agreed, for he did want to get stronger. He wanted to kill his parents some day because he knew they did not love him. He went with the man that night & he didn't go back for nine years. The man introduced himself as Madara Denashi, a vampire who was feared by everyone, including other vampires & their mortal enemies, the werewolves. He had killed 836 humans, by completely draining their bodies of blood, 263 other vampires, & 583 werewolves. Jacob was very impressed by this & he wanted to be like Madara. Madara insured him that he soon would be this strong, & for nine years he trained Jacob, learning many things & becoming much stronger. Soon he was stronger than Madara. Much stronger. One day, Madara fell ill & was about to die. "Jacob..." He said. "Take this sword. It will poison whoever it draws blood from & they will get sick. They won't be able to fight anymore & eventually they will die." Jacob nodded, & with that Madara died. Jacob was now thirteen, & he had no where to go. Finally, Jacob decided to go home, but not to live with his mother & father. To kill them. Jacob gathered his things, including the sword, & went back to the city where he had once lived. He found his house, & mother & father. Jacob glared at them, his red eyes flashing. "You have treated me poorly my whole life." He told them. "& now you shall pay the price." Jacob grinned evilly, & his mother & father felt fear for the first time. There was soon blood everywhere, & the woman & man were dead. Jacob turned around, left the house & never looked back. He wandered around the country, killing for a living. By the age of sixteen he had killed more people than Madara had. He kept traveling around, killing people, & doing as he wished. He was now seventeen. Jacob went back to the village where Madara lived, & the people there greeted him warmly. They told him he was the only one stronger than Madara & that he should be their leader. He agreed.

Likes: Fighting, killing, blood, bossing people around

Dislikes: threats, being talked back to

Looks:Jacob (Jake) Black Vampire Leader 1235345409_6781_full-1

Special Abilities: Mind reading, seeing the future

Vampire Rank: Vampire Leader
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob (Jake) Black Vampire Leader   Jacob (Jake) Black Vampire Leader EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 9:15 am

Fighting, killing, blood, bossing people around


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Jacob (Jake) Black Vampire Leader
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