Vampires VS Werewolves

A supernatural based RPG where you can be either a vampire of werewolf. You can also be a vampire or werewolf leader & have special abilities such as mind reading.
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 Tris the Newborn

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PostSubject: Tris the Newborn   Tris the Newborn EmptySun Jun 23, 2013 9:08 am

Name: Tris
Age: 17 human years, 1 vampire year
Likes: She finds werewolves to be very interesting. She likes dogs and joking
Dislikes: To be underestimated or be called "cute"
Looks: She is tall and muscular, but still "cute".She has long wavy brown hair and light green eyes.
Special Abilities: Controls Shadows,Flash step, can jump high and long,almost glide for short periods of time
Rank: Newborn
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Tris the Newborn
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