Vampires VS Werewolves

A supernatural based RPG where you can be either a vampire of werewolf. You can also be a vampire or werewolf leader & have special abilities such as mind reading.
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 Creation Template

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Jake Black

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PostSubject: Creation Template   Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:08 pm


Age: (In werewolf years & human years)

Bio: (2-3 lines is fine)




Special Abilities:

Rank: (such as new werewolf, mature werewolf, leader)
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:30 am


age:5 in werewolf,23 in human

bio:Born in 1776 to a respected vampire family but ruined the family name by making a deal with a vampire,he is now a rogue who does by his own will and does not take kindly to authority.He roams the streets of london searching for last hope people and followers.



looks:black hair,blue eyes,5"9,170pds,human looking til in a pressured situation.

special abilities:able to stay human under a full moon,inhuman stregnth,inhuman speed,shapeshifting.

rank:mature werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:34 pm

Name: Fiona

Age: (In werewolf years & human years) 713 in werewolf years, 25 in human years.

Bio: (2-3 lines is fine) She was born in 1272 in Scotland to a noble family. She was taken and raised as the niece to the English King, but learned the truth when she was 16. She ran away and when she was 22 she joined William Wallace's men. She was bitten three years later.

Likes: Coffee, archery, reading, swordsmanship, target practice with her gun, being a cop.

Dislikes: Vampires, criminals, liars, people who steal her coffee.

Looks: 5'9", 160 Lbs, black hair, green eyes, light muscular definition.

Special Abilities: She can resist the pull of the moon, and change whenever and what ever she wants.

Rank: (such as new werewolf, mature werewolf, leader) Leader.
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Sora Black


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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:43 pm

Name:Sora Black

Age: Werewolf:17 Human:23

Bio: (2-3 lines is fine)




Special Abilities:

Rank: Werewolf Leader
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Thu May 03, 2012 5:44 pm

Name: Andrew knightshade

Age: (520 In lycan years & 20human years

Bio: andrew was born in 1440 and when he turned twenty years of age he was walking through a alley way when a wolf like figure attacked him blinding him in his left eye and was suddenly attacked by vampire shortly after then in 1443 he found out that he was attacked by a lycan and turned into one himself and lived like that ever since.

Likes:being treated with respect,being apart of a pack,being loved by pups

Dislikes:Vampires,hybrids,liars and high pitch noises

Looks: is blind in one eye with scars coming down from the eye

Special Abilities: none except normal lycan abilities

Rank: new lycan
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Mon May 28, 2012 8:41 pm

Name: Alice Nightgale

Age: 518 years in werewolf years and 18 in human years

Bio: Alice was born in 1442 and her family was very rich but unfortuantly, her mother was a vampire and her father was human, making Alice part vampire. By the age of 18, on a gloomy day, Alice went out for stroll around the mansion and fell asleep on soft grass. Once she woke up, the manison was in flames. She quickly got into the manison and tried to find her mother and father but when she found them, they were in ashes. when she turned to leave a werewolf jumped upon her and bite her. The werewolf left but Alice got out before it was too late. Somehow, the werewolf blood overcame the vampire blood, leaveing some phisical vampire appearances and powers.

Likes: making people mad, weapons, showing off, roses, goth, wearing guy clothes, tricking people.

Dislikes: vampires, werewolfs, liars.

Looks: Has natural,pure white, short, ruffled hair and has bright blue eyes. Is slender, very beautiful and tall and if put in boys clothing, she could look like a very handsome man.

Special Abilities: can resist the change when the full moon comes, changes into wolf form whenever, has some powers of vampire; speed, manipulation, strength

Rank: Mature werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:57 pm

Name: Apollo Inferno

Age:  Werewolf: 16 (Dog years)   Human: 80

Bio: Apollo has was born a Werewolf, both his mother and father were Werewolves. Because Apollo was born a Werewolf his human form ages in dog years, he has been alive for 80 years but his body is that of a 16 year old boy. Both of his parents were killed by Vampires, they risked there life to save Apollo, ever since this day Apollo has lived with his his Uncle Jesse (Also a Werewolf) who taught Apollo how to control 'the wolf within'. Apollo is extremely protective of his friends and family.

Likes: Friends, Family, Rain, Girls, Stealth, Honer, Short bladed weapons.

Dislikes: Cats, The Twilight films, Confined spaces.

Looks:  Werewolf: Medium length jet black fur, Blue eyes, White fangs, White claws, Stands on back legs (Run's on all four).   Human: Medium blonde hair, Blue eyes, White skin.

Special Abilities: Resist the moons change, Change into Werewolf at will, Inhuman speed (as both Human and Werewolf), Inhuman strength (as Werewolf), Manipulate water (Including healing, after being used feels weak, depending on how much he does with the power).

Rank: Mature Werewolf.

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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:45 pm

Name: Coheed Inferno

Age: 15 In werewolf years and 73 human years

Bio: Coheed Inferno (younger brother of Apollo Inferno) as a chiled always felt shadowed by his brothers skill at mastering abilities.
One day he over heard his father and brother talking about some near by vampire clan that had been tormenting the family for years. Coheed saw this as his opertunity to prove to his father that he was just as good as his brother. Coheed later that night was overpowered by the vampire clan, scared for his own life flead back to his family. Not realising that the vampire clan was hot on his trail and soon would be upon him and his family. A few moments later they were at the gate of the house, soon there was an epic battle between the Inferno family and the vampire clan. Only Coheed and Apollo survived. Coheed matured with age and as did his skill and control over his wolf form however still has and uncontrollable rage and taste for the blood of those who apose him, and no sence of mercy, As although he never starts fights unless a vampire is his target once a fight begins Coheed will fight till only one breaths.
Coheed can hear the shadows talking to him, telling him to kill. (only Apollo can hear the voices but he only hears a faint whisper)

Likes:cold dark nights. The shadows, the filling of being stronger than an aponent.

Dislikes:vampires, being helped(espeshaly by Apollo) cold blooded killers.

Looks: (wolf form) jet black fur large size modem length hair, black eyes, black claws, wight teeth, stand on hind legs, and had a large shadow surrounds him. (in human form) jet black haire, pail blue eyes, medium height, defined muscles, pail skin, weres a long black coat.

Special Abilities: can control shadow and shadow related abilitys. And has poison throwing needles (with is used to kill quietly and quickly), inhuman strength (in both human ans werewolf form), inhuman speed (in werewolf form), can take many hits

Rank: (mature werewolf)
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Sat Aug 25, 2012 6:22 am

Name: Marcus Reave

Age: Werewolf years: 4 Human years: 23

Bio: Born in Sydney, Australia to an American family, he grew up in some of the poorer districts of the city, learning his own skills from street gangs and the occasional cop. Being on both sides of the law while growing up, he learned different styles of martial arts and use of a katana from an ex-yakuza. His uncle was in the homicide division of the police, and got a passion for detective work. One night, it all was lost when his family parents were caught in the cross fire between a gang fight and the police. Neither side didnt claim responsibility, so he ran away out of anger and found himself in a woodland area. A rogue werewolf attacked him out of nowhere, but Marcus killed it while taking a bite from the shoulder. Over the years he wondered the world, not knowing what he was or what he should do. He just wants to start his life anew, learning to control his new self.

Likes: Asain food, martial arts, music, musicals, mysteries, girls, having a night out and his sword

Dislikes: Politics, people who hurts others for little reason, being told what to do, not having his say in important matters.

Looks: (Human form) 6 foot 1, brown eyes, short black hair, a few bristles around his mouth and chin, well-built figure, black leather jacked with a sowed on hood, grey t-shirt, baggy jeans, men's leather boots. (Werewolf form) 6 foot 5, grey fur with a black streak down his back to the end of his tail, black claws, white teeth, and pure white eyes.

Special Abilities: professional martial arts and kendo, enhanced strength, inhuman acrobatics and jumping distance, keen sense of smell (HUMAN FORM). Tough extremely sharp claws, inhuman strength, incredible endurance and toughness (however bladed weapons are effective against him), and retained experience of martial arts.
His true power is his Spectral form. He can make himself spectral like a ghostly mist formed of his body, and move through walls, objects, and incoming projectiles.

Rank: New Werewolf
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Alex Wolverine

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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:37 am


Age: (In werewolf years & human years):Werewolf years-3,Human years-21

Bio: (2-3 lines is fine):Alex is a shy,but aggresive girl.She's great at fighting,and has a big temper.She grew up in an orphanage,a harsh world.She never knew her parents.Her last name in unknwn,so she just calls herself Alex.

Likes:Water,Fire,Air,Earth,Animals,other werewolves,cold,winter

Dislikes:Summer,hot,a lot of people around her,cucumbers

Looks:Human form:She has jet black hair,and emerald green eyes.She's small,5 foot 3,weighing 80 pounds.She's strongly built,and very strong and agile for her looks.Werewolf form:Jet black fur,emerald eyes,5 foot 6 tall.She has a long,furry tail,and soft pads.

Special Abilities:She can pass through anything(walls,trees...),and she has regenarating powers(She heals fast.)And enhanced five senses.(Human form)

Rank: (such as new werewolf, mature werewolf, leader):New werewolf.
(Is this good?I'm new here.)
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:56 pm

Name: Lucarik

Age: Werewolf Years- 23 Human Years- 93

Bio: Lucarik was born as a wolf, with the special ability of being a werewolf. This power came at a cost, as he was taken away from his pack in order to be trained. Being born as a wolf allows him to change into human, werewolf, and wolf forms. While he admits the power is useful, he doesn't enjoy using it and saves it for the upmost important matters.

Likes: Hunting, swordsmanship, stealth, respect

Dislikes: Evil, corruptness, crowds

Looks: Human- Dark, brown hair, violet eyes. Tall, 6 foot 5, at 180 pounds. Wolf/Werewolf- Dark, brown fur, red eyes. 7 foot 3, at 250 pounds.

Special Abilities: Regenerates slowly, able to change forms at anytime (although the power is even greater at night, and even more so during a full moon.) Very persuasive.

Rank: Mature Werewolf
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PostSubject: Ivy Moore   Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:06 pm

Name:Ivy Moore

Age: (In werewolf:3 and a half human years:19)

Bio: (2-3 lines is fine)Ivy was born into a werewolf family.She was thought to have not inherited the werewolf trait because she could change her shape till she was 5.When she was 10 she was kidnapped by a vampire.Her parents had to come save her.Because of that she hates vampires.When she was 15 her parents taught her how to use a bow and arrow.She is also a very good tracker.
Likes:Water,meat,the moon,and books

Dislikes:Vampires,drunks,and the heat

Looks:Ivy is a black wolf with electric blue eyes that glow in the moonlight.She has a white muzzle.Her paws are the same color as her eyes.Her fur is thick and glossy.In human form her hair is jet black and her eyes are the same color as her wolf form.She is about avarage hight and very lean.

Special Abilities:Ivy is able to heal other werewolves.She can also control water.A very skilled archer.

Rank: (such as new werewolf, mature werewolf, leader)Mature Werewolf.
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Tue May 07, 2013 1:26 pm

Name: Lena

Age: 18 wolf years. 18 human years

Bio: lena is a shy person/warewolf. she comes from a long line of warewolf's so for some reason its hard for her to look like a normal human she is a very peace full warewolf who comes and goes from the pack as she want to and gets into truble a lot beacouse of that. its really rare to see her in her warewolf form but it dos happen when she finaly gets angry.

Likes: quite places with a great view of the night sky. sweet thins. snow. having fun

Dislikes: alot of people. strangers. bieng bored.

Looks: human: long white hair. yellow eyes. 5.3 feet tall. warewolf: white coat of fur. yellow eyes 6,5 feet tall

Special Abilities: can stay human under the full moon. can transform into a warewolf without the full moon, can control and make ice

Rank: lonly wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Fri May 24, 2013 4:50 pm

Name: Keerstine

Age: 13 wolf years, 13 human years.

Bio: Keerstine was a normal girl until her parents told her they were werewolves because they were bitten after she was born, so they turned Keerstine violently into a werewolf, after the transformation Keerstine ran away from her house, surviving alone in the forest and being hidden from any human presence. Now than she knows more or less how to control her werewolf and human form then she tries to get some help because she know she can't handle her werewolf situation alone. She had grown more thinner and strong while she was surviving in the forest, she is very agile and can climb on trees very well.

Likes: Trustable people, the forest, reading a book, eat and try to have some friends.

Dislikes: Non Trustable people, noisy cities, liars and unkind people or being rejected badly by someone she considers a friend.

Looks: Human look- A thin 13 year old girl with brown eyes and hair, her skin colour is very pale. Werewolf look- A thin and strong looking werewolf, with nice and tidy brown hair with brown stripes and white belly and tail ending, she has big and white ears, her eye colour is a mix of red, yellow, orange and gray.
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Fri May 24, 2013 4:52 pm

Oops, forgot to put these:

Special abilities: She can climb trees very well, she's a great swimmer and she can resist days without food and water, she's a good tracker too and she can hear the most heard less sound.

Rank: Lonely Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:37 am

Name: Darius Nightlight.

Age: 18 werewolf years, 18 human years.

Bio: Darius is Keerstine's brother, he was turned before his sister and accepted very quickly his turning into a werewolf, when his parents told him than Keerstine has escaped he went very ashamed, weeks after Keerstine's disapereance, his parents told him to find Keerstine and go with her back to home, but what he doesn't know is than Keerstine's a werewolf and how her parents turned her violently.

Likes: Hunting, going to the forest, tracking, chasing and killing prey and his sister scent.

Dislikes: Being trapped,having his stomach empty and liars.

Looks: Human look- Tall and strong-looking with black hair and amber eyes with a very pale skin-color. Werewolf look- Tall and strong-looking with pure dark pelt with some fighting scars on face and body, he has red eyes and very large ears.

Special abilities: Great tracker and he knows very good how to camouflage, he's a great and strong fighter, he has lots of surviving skills and he can resist lots of kinds of temperatures, he is very fast too and he can change his human and werewolf form when he wants.

Rank: Mature werewolf.
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PostSubject: charles's app   Sat Jul 13, 2013 3:44 am

Name:Charles Wood

Age: 25 in wolf years and 21 in human years
Bio: Charles was a loner most of his life. He enlisted in the military when he was 17 and got locked up over a girl he was madly in love with. If you mess with him you better run because he kills to live and lives to kill.
Likes:Girls,bikes,fast cars,weapons,and reading

Dislikes:Liars,abusive males,jerks,and cheaters

Looks:Human look-5'10, long black hair, hazel eyes, muscaler,and scar over his right eye. Werewolf look- Long black fur,tall nad muscaler,scar over his right eye,dark black eyes like a bottomless pit.

Special Abilities:Charles is a great tracker and a great hunter. He knows how to kill and now to survive with next to nothing.He can change into his wolf form when he wants, but usally changes when he is mad

Rank: Mature werewolf
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BlackWolf607 (DEAD!)


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PostSubject: Orion's profile   Sun Aug 04, 2013 1:27 am

Name: Orion

Age: Human- 13 Werewolf-13

Bio: Orion was abandoned when she was 6 by her selfish parents, and left to die. Then she found a Great Pyrenees who was kicked out of the house and named him Amos. Amos took care of her, by catching food and protected her. Orion has been with him for 6 years! Then a group of vampires came and destroyed her life! They killed her dog, as Orion got away. He sacrificed himself for her. Orion was 12 after that. She was afraid of the slightest shadow for one year! Then, as 13, she became a wolf. Orion kills all vampires in sight and never backs down a fight. (Hey, that could be a poem!!!) That is Orion's life story.

Likes: Wolves, meat, shadows

Dislikes: Vampires, the smell of blood, the sun

Looks: Werewolf- Orion is black with a deep scar on her side. Human- Orion is a white female with strawberry blonde hair, and silvery-blue eyes with a tint of gold in the center. (real life look too!) She also has a deep scar on her right side, but it's covered by her shirt. Orion's clothes are ripped and torn, also brown. Last is she has a birthmark (covered by her shirt) that is the shape of a wolf head howling (real life too!)

Special Abilities: SUPER strong. Too strong for a female newborn! As strong as an expirienced wolf, when angry, even stronger!

Rank: New werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:51 am


Age: 3 werewolf years, 18 human years

Bio:Nyx was born in a sickening and average family, bound to etiquette and tradition, and deprived from the basic passions of life.
She realized, too early, her inability to make a change no matter how she bent and so she helplessly succumbed to her fate. But as harmless and uninspired as she seemed, the girl was shaking mass on the inside.
She was nothing and everything, full of contradictions, impossible scenarios and failed dreams. The power of her thoughts fought against reality, only to be shattered.
Indeed, she had light and darkness, plus and minus, and in the middle they all met and led to null: Her morals kept her from sin, and her disgust with humans led to violence. In the midst of all her confusion, the only thing filling her soul was music. She was enthralled by it, sound waves that could tap on her chords softly, surprisingly, passively, and ultimately, they were all influences at work shaping and sculpting her mind. Nothing could make her blood boil and mind race like music. It was the theme of her existence, her sole mad passion, her first love.
And eventually what would induce the single most significant change in her life.
Her anti-social nature urged her into a keenness of dark and enclosed spaces, forests being her primary refuge. She would stand by the lake and move her hands to the rhythm banging through her earpiece. Soft strokes moved the humidity in the air, her world swirled and changed in nature, trees would become humans, or buildings; she could fly or swim, anything would be everything she wishes for, and she would be cut out from her surroundings.
Maybe that's what chiefly lead to her turning into a werewolf, her soul danced, oblivious to the threats around her, and in a moment, all changed.

Likes: nerdy pickup lines, music, books, 4-chan, garlic and an abundance of skinship..And melon

Dislikes: snakes, spiders, Adolf Hitler

Looks:1.70m tall, 75kg(curves r heavy), dark brown hair in a messy curly bob, glasses

Special Abilities: -mind projection: able to imagine objects and project them into reality, however their lifetime is reduced to only a few hours and the objects are of lower quality

Rank: new werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:55 am

Name: Nero

Age: 57 werewolf years, 18 human years

Bio: Not much is known about Nero's past, not even to himself. His biological parents remained misted as he traveled from one forster care to the other. Once he turned 16, and in the realm of an abusive family, he welcomed the streets with open arms.
He has always been noted to have cat-like tendencies but was stuck with the identity of a werewolf for as long as he could remember.
He now,despite having a small flat, eers the streets, trying to seem as normal as possible.

Likes: cats, dark places, strings, Sigmund Freud.

Dislikes: dog food, the smell of smoke and strong perfume.

Looks:1.78cm tall, 70kg and has a lean, somewhat flexible body. Black soft hair, greenish grey almond eyes, mostly dressed in casual clothes. Uses reading glasses with a thick black rim.

Special Abilities: mental indenture: he can manipulate others into making certain gestures of small importance, can also somewhat control their state of mind.

Rank: new werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:35 pm

Name: Erebus Lupus

Age: 18 human. 18 warewolf

Bio: from a young age Erebus was left alone after his parents had died in a fight with a group of werewolf/vampire hunters. he then after that met an older wolf that tought him how to handle him self and protect others from the same fate that his parents got but at the age of 14 the old man that had raised Erebus died (from old age) and that was when Erebus left out where he soon got known though out a lot of wolfpacks and vampire "dens" as a righteous wolf that was on no side except people who had the same idea as him with letting no innocent people die...  

Likes:meat. mead. messing with people's head. dogs. cats. animals. making friends. combat training. his swords. his guns. story's. books. motor cycles. the night sky. my little pony. friendship is magic

Dislikes: bad people. salad. werewolf/vampire hunters. crashing. a very hot day

Looks:180 cm tall . dark hair. green eyes. okay build two guns and two short swords under his brown rough leather trench coat. werewolf 200cm. tall dark fur (and the upstanding type

Special Abilities: strong telekinesis and strong illusions and a gun slinger
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PostSubject: Werewolf Core   Wed Mar 18, 2015 6:43 pm

Jake Black wrote:
Name: Werewolf Core

Age: (In werewolf years & human years)Werewolf years: 50, Human years: 10

Bio: (2-3 lines is fine) Nothing is known about the Werewolf Core's life. Only He knows how he became the Core Of the Werewolf: It all started with a weird dream he had about everything looking unusual, like he was at a whole different world. When he woke up he was in what seemed like a werewolf village. He noticed that he was in the form of a Werewolf himself. He immediately got up and became a leader by showing his strength at the Werewolf Arena. He actually was stronger than the Champion too. That show of strength got him to be the Werewolf Core: Better than a King.  Cool  Arrow  king

Likes: Positive attention, showing off his power, magic,  bom , weaponry, death, cookies, science, video games, money!!!

Dislikes: Negative attention, School, Work
Looks: Wolf Form:Red eyes, Enchanted fur, and a Core Crown. Human Form: Diamond Wizard look, in robe is a whole arsenal of weaponry.

Special Abilities: Magic, Superhuman strength, Shapeshift, Strong Telekenesis
Size Change of himself, and his surroundings.

Rank: (such as new werewolf, mature werewolf, leader)
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:42 pm

Age: (human years) 17

Bio: she was a orphan when she was born, soon adopted by two mortals, she grew to know of being a human, she got her scar from a vampire attack when she learned that she was a werewolf at age 12. She then moved into the pack, becoming the smallest of her kind, and the rarest.

Likes: beta wolves, lower ranked wolves, blood, the color red, butterflies and other animals

Dislikes: bees, spiders, pink, jokers and the alphas

Looks: a short, skinny wolf, she is a black wolf, with baby blue eyes, a small scar over her left eye, she is small for her age, extremely small.

Special Abilities: extreme Jump (can jump from 2-47 feet in the air)

Rank: new werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   Sun Jul 05, 2015 9:18 am

Name: Yuuki Yamamoto

Age: 17 human years - 6 werewolf years

Bio: Yuuki used to be a "normal" girl. Abit odd maybe, but normal. She has a few scars and bite markings on her body, from a werewolf. She was attacked on her way home from a friend, when she was 11 years old.

Likes: Hoodies, meat, videogames, hunting, dogs, coffee, reptiles [snakes, lizards, etc]. She is a huge fan of fantasy and geeky stuff.

Dislikes: Vegetables, everything feminine, skirts and dresses, smoke, too many people in one place, small rooms, insects

Looks: Human form: Yuuki is 1.63 meters tall, very athletic and slender, but not feminine at all. She is flatchested, and looks like a boy. her eyes are bronze coloured, her hair is silverwhite, not more than 20 centimeters long, and messy. She has a scar across the bridge of her nose. Four earings in her left ear. People who don't know her, would think she's a boy.
Werewolf form: Silverwhite, short fur, not very big for a werewolf. Has alot of scars on her body, has a very short, fluffy tail.

Special Abilities: Can turn into a werewolf whenever she wants to, doesn't necessarily transform under the fullmoon.

Rank: New werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Template   

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Creation Template
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