Vampires VS Werewolves

A supernatural based RPG where you can be either a vampire of werewolf. You can also be a vampire or werewolf leader & have special abilities such as mind reading.
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 Lucian Rayne

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PostSubject: Lucian Rayne   Lucian Rayne EmptyFri Sep 21, 2012 12:06 pm

Name: Lucian Rayne

Age: 20 Human 125 vampiric

Bio: Turned at the age of 20, Lucian maintains that appearance. He rarely stays with one female for very long, opting for the single life. Being the only inheritor of his fathers multimillion dollar fortune, Lucian uses his funds to support other vampires. He sets up safehouses, blood banks, and even vampire night clubs. He doesnt wish to be a vampire leader, he only strives for recognition, fun, and more importantly death to werewolves.

Likes: Money, Sex, Women, bloodshed, hunting, feeding, and partying.

Dislikes: Werewolves.

Looks: Short Black spiky hair with red and white streaks throughout. 5'10" and approximately 165 pounds. Average build with a bit more muscle. When out hunting, he commonly wears a black Trench coat, filled with silver throwing knives. Also holsters two semi automatic pistols with silver hollow point ammunition. When seen not hunting, Lucian carries his guns, as well as a straight sword sheathed at his left hip.

Special Abilities: Lucian is deadly accurate with any type of throwing weapon, and a master swordsman.

Vampire Rank: Young
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Lucian Rayne
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